Telecoms analyst Point Topic has published a UK map of broadband speed availability, claiming that 13% of UK homes and businesses (nearly 4 million premises) still can’t receive internet download speeds above 2Mbps.

Point Topic’s map highlights the scale of the problem faced by the government’s Broadband Delivery UK office, which aims to make superfast broadband services available to 90% of people in each local authority area by 2015.

As you’d expect the majority of rural areas (which are less populated) generally have the slowest speeds due to being the least economically viable to serve and upgrade. By contrast, the towns and cities are almost always the first places to get new telecoms services due to high density populations and more businesses.

However, many urban areas also suffer from similar speeds and poor availability. Point Topic highlights this by noting that residents in the Isle of Dogs (East London) suffer from slow speeds, although both BT and Hyperoptic are competing to close the gap.

Meanwhile a growing number of smaller ISPs and community initiatives, such as the Broadband 4 Rural North (B4RN) project in Lancashire, are working to close some of the bigger gaps in rural broadband performance and availability. Point Topic notes that these efforts will not be enough to achieve the government’s broadband goals across the whole country.

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