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With our secure and robust network, you can make and receive calls directly though Microsoft Teams, allowing you to connect to customers globally at a fraction of the cost. With no pre-existing infrastructure needed, you can simply and efficiently switch over.

Why choose us for direct routing?

Owning our own network means cheaper calls than almost any other supplier.
We have a range of in-house Microsoft Teams experts and full control of SIP Trunks built on our own network.
We have SIP trunks available in more than 65 countries and International DID numbers, allowing you to communicate globally over Teams.
Microsoft SME Specialists
Microsoft SME Specialists
As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we know how to integrate Microsoft products, SME infrastructure, and our voice network.

Used by thousands of UK SMEs

Our systems are trusted by over 8,000 businesses from across the country

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What is Microsoft teams direct routing?
Great question! This feature allows you to make calls to businesses and customers throughout the world, all within Microsoft teams. By using a SIP trunk to route your calls over the internet it is a cost-effective solution all within one platform.
How does direct routing work?
We simply host a Microsoft Teams-certified Session Border Controller (SBC) within our own network, which we then connect to our SIP Trunks. We then add another trunk between the SBC and Microsoft Teams so we can configure the line and connect this up with your Teams accounts.
What is Microsoft teams in a nutshell?
It’s a communications app that offers a host of features such as instant messaging, video meetings and file transfers within an organisation. 
Can I buy teams without buying VoIP?
You can! However, this isn’t something we currently offer as we specialise in enabling calling within Teams. 
What if I already have Microsoft products like 365
Microsoft Teams will fully integrate with your existing licence straight out of the box, so there is no messing around and it’s ready to use!
What makes Gradwell different?
Built in the UK, we have a team of over 20 developers who are constantly evolving and advancing our technology, allowing you to provide the best possible services and supply the most innovative product directly to your customers. With a range of packages to suit your business needs, you can tailor our products and services to suit your business needs and demands.

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