In response to the Culture Secretary’s Communications review for the digital age, the FCS has called for major changes to the legislation associated with, “spectrum, utility regulation, industry self-regulation and a proportionate appeals mechanism”.

Jacqui Brooks CEO of FCS said that it had,”analysed trends in the communications market and its importance in underpinning the UK economy. We conclude that communications infrastructure and platforms are best regulated as a utility with a separate approach to the competitive access market. In order to demonstrate that it is a well functioning market the industry itself needs to operate within a new transparent self/co-regulatory framework for services delivery set up by the new Act. ”

On top of this the FCS recommended “streamlining” the legislation in the new Communications act in order to better support the UK economy. This would be done by consolidating all existing spectrum legislation in to a single “Wireless Telegraphy act” and removing certain historic clauses from the Comms Act 2003.

Furthermore the FCS, “deficiencies within the current appeals process for challenging Ofcom decisions, particularly for smaller stakeholders. We put forward a new model based on experience in the energy market, which could be adapted to offer proportionate appeals mechanism for the communications sector.”

For further information the FCS can be contacted directly on either or by calling 020 8249 6363

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