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The customer

Brown & Scarlett

Brown & Scarlett Ltd are an award-winning architectural practice based in Suffolk. With over 45 years of experience, Brown & Scarlett provide a full range of architectural services, including alteration projects, full-scale conversions and one-off house designs.

While wishing to keep their practice on a small scale, Brown & Scarlett work with a range of local and regional housing developers, a regular team of consultants and a broad range of clients from across the country.

Brown & Scarlett have been a Gradwell customer since 2016, using our ADSL broadband and hosted PBX services.

B&S property

The challenge

The main challenge that Brown & Scarlett had when looking for a phone system and connectivity services was for it to be easy to use and super-fast. With their range of clients, contractors and consultants, Brown & Scarlett always needed to be contactable.

We spoke to Anita Winser, Administrator at Brown & Scarlett about their telephony needs. She said: “Telephony is very important to Brown & Scarlett LTD. We were looking for a service that would keep our employees contactable and that was easy to use.”

Brown & Scarlett founded us by recommendation from their IT department. Gradwell investigated Brown & Scarlett’s requirements and suggested connectivity and hosted PBX telephony to solve their needs.

The solution

Brown & Scarlett starting using Gradwell services in 2016 and since then, have kept their business accessible and reliable with their telephony.

While we’ve been assisting Brown & Scarlett for 4+ years, our hosted PBX services helped keep their business communications steady and adaptable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anita told us, “Due to Coronavirus, we are running our office on a shift basis between home and office and this seemed to be creating more work than ever! Time in the office is generally spent non-stop.”

The benefits and features of our hosted PBX products have been helping many customers and companies manage their workflow and staying connected during COVID-19.

Overall, Brown & Scarlett found working with Gradwell helpful, easy and friendly. Anita remarked that: “Gradwell helped our business stay contactable. Our experience with Gradwell was very good. Their support teams were friendly and very helpful – overall a nice team to work with.”

"Our experience with Gradwell was very good. Their support teams were friendly and very helpful – overall a nice team to work with.”

Anita Winser

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