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Our award winning VoIP call solutions are also available in three simple bundles.

Keep things simple with one of our pre-built bundles or customise your own by adding broadband and Hardware upgrades.

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£12per month - per user
  • FREE Yealink T19
  • 500 Landline Minutes
  • 24 month Contract
  • 16 Features including Hunt Groups & Queues
  • Add Ons: Upgrade Phone and Add Broadband
  • Need More Users? Add Them At The Checkout


£16per month - per user
  • FREE Yealink T19
  • 1000 Landline or Mobile
  • 24 month Contract
  • 16 Features including Hunt Groups & Queues
  • Add Ons: Upgrade Phone and Add Broadband
  • Need More Users? Add Them At The Checkout


£20per month - per user
  • FREE Yealink T19
  • 3000 Landline & 1000 Mobile
  • 24 month Contract
  • 16 Features including Hunt Groups & Queues
  • Add Ons: Upgrade Phone and Add Broadband
  • Need More Users? Add Them At The Checkout


£POACustom Pricing
  • 3CX Solution
  • Built to Your Requirements
  • Flexible Contract Terms
  • Enterprise Grade Features Including Real Time Call Stats
  • Bespoke Add Ons Including Leased Lines
  • Unlimited Users and Dedicated Onboarding

Sounds Great! Tell me more.


At Gradwell we know our customers want a to know how much they’re spending each time they make a call, to the exact penny.
With this in mind, we have always provided per second billing for both our local and international calls.

Why do we do this? It’s simple. We don’t want our customers to pay all time they don’t use.

For example, a typical 130 second call with BT PAYG would cost 81 pence.  With TalkTalk Business that call would cost  24.5pence.

With us, that same call would cost 2.71pence. Impressive, right?

Gradwell Communication Bundle Box


Call TypePPM Peak*PPM Off-peakPPM Weekend
Geographic (01, 02, 03)1.25p1p1p
Premium Mobile 07520, 07744, 07755, 078222, 074416, 07777, 07822820p20p20p
Isle of Man6p4p4p
Geographic Islands (Jersey/Guernsey)3p2p2p
Directory Enquiriesdependent on route, contact us to establish exact cost


The Yealink T19 is an entry-level IP phone that offers technology, features and performance normally found in much more expensive phones.
The Yealink T19 can be used with headsets, it also has a a simple LCD screen making navigating the menus easy and it’s also wall-mountable. The Yealink T19 and has been designed specifically for business who don’t want to spend a fortune on a VoIP phone, but also want to have access to a phone built to high quality and to do better business.



A hunt group is a number of employees that are able to receive incoming calls. When external and internal callers ring your office number, they can do so on one telephone number. The calls can also be routed to a group of phones to answer.


A UK geographical phone number is included, so you won’t be restricted by your businesses current location – if you’d prefer we can provide you with any area code in the UK. For example, if your business is based in the City of Bath, we can still give you an 020 London phone number.


A call queue places incoming calls in a queue to be answered whilst employees are busy with other calls. These can be highlighted on the phone via LEDs. Once the a line becomes available, the waiting calls can be answered.


Audio conferencing allows you to connect multiple called individuals to a single audio conference call. Multiple phone lines can be connected through conferencing allowing an entire team to speak to each other on one line.


Voice menus within a phone system can help direct your caller to the correct department. As an example; Press one for reception. Press Two for Support. These can be tailored based on your business departments.


Voicemail is a digital answering machine. You’ll be alerted to a new voicemail either via email, light indication, or a notification. You also have the option listen to your voicemail messages from your desk phone, mobile or email inbox.


If you’re looking for some additional services to add on to one of our bundles you can! You can add a super fast broadband connection, an Office 365 licence or upgrade your choice of phone. Great savings are available the more you add, so if you’re looking for a bundle that has everything you need to get going, you’ve come to the right place.



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Terms and conditions apply, 24 month contact applies to all bundles. Price displayed is the price per user per month. For more information on our products / bundles terms please click here. 

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