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Never compete for bandwidth again with a fibre leased line.

If your business internet connection went down, how much would it cost you?


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We’ve all been there. As soon as those little green lights disappear on the router the whole world collapses in on itself. You can’t send that important email to a client, you can’t process your orders and in some cases can’t even make a phone call!

So, the question to you is – how important is your internet connection, and once down how much could it cost your business? Thankfully there is a solution, in the form of a dedicated leased line.

Leased Line Packages

Next Generation

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A fibre leased line is the next generation of modern connectivity. With incredible speeds and a robust connection meaning you can get back to doing what you do best, staying ahead of the competition.

You choose the leased line speed you require based on your business needs. The speed you buy is exactly what you get: no ‘up to’ speeds. Ever.

What’s more, as the needs of your business change, you will have the option to increase your fibre leased line’s speed. It’s that simple.

Eliminate Risk

A fibre leased line also eliminate business risk. Implementing a robust leased line will also secure your business against failover, providing a solution for your business – with a connection you can trust.

With a fibre leased line, you can continue to work even if there’s an issue with your main circuit. Your service will automatically failover to the backup circuit within seconds – no effort required.

Gradwell’s expert network team will instantly be notified to start troubleshooting the problem.

Still have questions? Why not check out our Ultimate Guide To Leased Lines.

Why a Leased Line?

If you’ve got a couple of minutes, this short but sweet video gives a really quick overview of the benefits of a leased line.


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If you’re sat there thinking “I’m still not sure what I need?” or perhaps you have a burning questions that you need answering before considering purchasing a leased line? What ever the reason might be, we are here to help give you the very best advice. If you’d still like to know a little bit more before contacting us about leased lines, please download our FREE guide which can be found above.

“Gradwell were a company which understood our needs and gave us a solution that worked for us.”

Lee Crowhurst – Head of Business Solutions, Bainbridge

Leased lines are extremely reliable. Unlike much slower copper based broadband services, they aren’t susceptible to environmental factors like electronic interference and water ingress in the network. And when they do go down, they are treated as a priority fix, usually with a five-hour target for a fix if there’s a total loss of service. If you have a standard broadband service you could be waiting several days before an engineer arrives to investigate your issue.

However, five hours will still feel like an awfully long time if your whole business has gone offline. That’s why we ensure that we provide a backup circuit to at least keep you online, even if it’s on a slower service. Our broadband backup lines are a critical addition to any business who rely heavily on a business broadband with next to no downtime.

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