A satellite launched this week has enabled thousands of isolated, rural business communities across Europe to connect to faster internet speeds and take advantage of new technologies such as VoIP.

Launched from French Guiana, the £120m Hylas-1 satellite will cover areas of the UK and Europe via regional spot beams providing business in areas without traditional Internet infrastructure the chance to compete in the digital economy.

Britain played a major role in the project’s development with Astrium UK building the satellite and funding provided by the UK Space Agency. The UK government have welcomed launch with open arms as it has inherited Labour’s commitment to provide universal broadband to all parts of the country by 2015.

The launch of the satellite means that efficient broadband services are now within reach of thousands of British businesses who were previously unable to attain sufficient bandwidth to use cost-effective Internet solutions such as VoIP or other hosted services.

The improved accessibility broadband means that individuals and businesses in remote areas are now better positioned to enter the digital economy and take advantage of the cost-effective and flexible Internet services now open to them.

Local businesses will now be able to deploy Business VoIP systems across their offices, increasing flexibility, reducing call charges and removing line rental costs. With VoIP for business they can then enable home working with the addition of Exchange email and remote access tools, so employees can have access to all their office communications from home.

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