Rural areas in England and Scotland will receive a broadband boost as they are allocated long awaited shares of the TV licence fee in order to improve their internet connections.

According to Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), Devon and Somerset will receive the largest combined share of the pot with over £31m heading to the South West to improve broadband infrastructure, and therefore giving local rural businesses a chance to take advantage of internet technologies such as Business VoIP.

The funding forms part of  the UK government’s plans to make the UK the number one country in Europe for broadband by 2015. Because of the spread of people living in rural areas, it has not been cost effective for larger companies to invest in infrastructure to support them, leaving vast areas of Britain’s countryside in broadband “not spots”.

Here at Gradwell we understand that it can be very difficult for a business in rural locations to receive a quality high speed broadband service. That is why we provide “Ethernet in the first mile”. Also known as EFM, the service uses multiple pairs of bundled copper wires, to deliver a good level of speeds, even up to 40km away from the local exchange. It also provides a minimum guaranteed speed and symmetrical speeds. This equates to your business receiving equal download and upload speed; highly important for any business using cloud based services, VoIP or any data heavy workloads.

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