SecurityWith the internet being so popular and widely used today it is important to ensure that you are taking sensible precautions when using online business tools.

One of the easiest areas to secure is your internet, or VOIP, telephone.

The biggest risk with telephone handsets comes with old, out of life handsets that are not receiving regular firmware updates.  Lack of these updates begins to leave the handsets vulnerable to hackers as the loopholes that are being exposed by hackers are not closed down.

Another factor is the placing of handsets on a public ip address and ensuring that each handset has a secure password.  We often find that customers who buy their own handsets have set very weak, or easily guessed passwords, which is something Gradwell resolves with the handsets we provide setting a 15 character complex string that makes hacking really difficult.

All Gradwell handsets are remotely managed, which allows for automatic updating of settings and firmware, meaning that our customers simply have to switch the mains power off and then back on again to activate the updates.

In larger officers cleaners or other out of hours visitors can pose a risk because they can make calls to international or premium rate numbers, set up call forwarding or accessing handset or extension details for an external hacker.

Another way of mitigating risk is to use Gradwell’s Control Panel to set call barring rules which can significantly reduce the potential for fraudulent calls.  When using the Control Panel it is again important to remember to set strong usernames and passwords.

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