A survey of global wireless networks by market researchers TeleGeography has placed the North Korea as the world leader in 3G adoption.

The results of the survey showed that 99.9% of North Korea’s wireless users are connected to a 3G network, which is dominated by Egyptian-owned Koryolink.

However, the results do not tell the whole story. While North Korea leads the way in adoption, the country has just over 300,000 wireless users and internet access over 3G is extremely limited to only a handful of official sites.

On the other hand, Japan, which came second in the survey with an impressive 94.6%, has a much larger wireless user base that is free to access content over 3G.

Sweden leads the way in Europe with 55.4%, whereas the UK lags behind with just under 40% of wireless users connected to a 3G network.

While the UK lags behind in 3G adoption, the amount of coverage on offer in the UK is high. Three UK, along with MVNOs such as Gradwell, provide the biggest 3G network in the UK with an impressive 98.5% coverage.

This means services that access to the 3G network, such as Gradwell Mobile, are able to provide their benefits to small businesses all over the country.

(Image by Gilad Rom)


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