With line rental costs in the UK on the rise, and figures now cresting the £13.60 mark per month, this seemingly necessary cost will be burdensome on any budget-conscious SME. However many businesses are unaware that they are able to run business-grade telephone and internet services without the need to pay this charge of over £150 a year. Paying line rental seems like an unavoidable evil for most businesses, but there is a way to have comprehensive communication services without paying the monthly fee.

To do so, businesses only have to use a modify their type of broadband installation which is available from Gradwell. The service is known as MPF, which stands for Metallic Path Facility, and it gives your business the opportunity to avoid line rental fees that are pushing up the cost of regular internet connections.

Typically most services use an SMPF installation. SMPF stands for Shared Metallic Path Facility and the key difference between MPF and SMPF is the ‘shared’ part. On an SMPF installation, one provider offers telephone services (typically BT) and another provider offers internet services on the one line.

However, if you request an MPF installation then the line is physically disconnected from the wider BT network, taking them out of the equation. One provider (Gradwell) will offer you both telephone and internet services. And because we have decided not to charge line rental to our MPF customers we can save your business over £150 a year.

Our Advanced, Premier and Premier Plus services can all be provided on MPF installations if required.

For all our existing customers who currently use our standard SMPF services, we are offering an upgrade to our new MPF services free of charge.

To find out more information on how you can remove the need to pay for line rental, please email sales@gradwell.com or alternatively contact a member of our sales team on 01225 800 123.

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