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Football and the rights to broadcast live matches are hot property for media giants such as Sky and BT, with prices, especially for the Premier League, being pushed continuously higher. These viewing rights are used by media companies as a tactic to entice viewers to not only buy their TV packages, but also their broadband services… so with such big money being spent on football to effectively sell broadband by proxy we decided to examine which clubs have the best internet connections.

Take a look below to find out how we went about setting this up and how you can make the most of our football-based search tool, to see how your favourite team has fared against the competition.

How we gathered our research

We used upload and download data from an average area of 500m from each home ground of all 92 Football League clubs. We then combined these two speeds to produce an overall broadband speed to see who has title-winning internet and who is in danger of relegation.

Key findings

The Premier League overall performed terribly. Just two top flight teams in the form of Everton and Bournemouth made our Broadband Premier League. In fact, six of its clubs were found to be among the 20 overall slowest, including three Champions League clubs.

Other key findings include:

  • 20 times Premier League champions Manchester United rank 64th, nine places higher than local rivals Manchester City
  • The average combined internet speed for Premier League clubs is 16.2Mbps – the lowest of any division
  • MK Dons take the number one ranking thanks to speeds of more than double any other club
  • League One – thanks to MK Dons – is the fastest division with an average speed of 28.2Mbps
  • Portsmouth’s Fratton Park takes the wooden spoon with a speed of just 1.2Mpbs

How to use our table

Using our interactive broadband connectivity league table is easy. All you need to do is select from one of the different filter options to rank and organise each club and see what their respective grounds have to offer.

You have the option to filter by: club, ground/stadium, postcode, region, football league, download speed and upload speed.

So, have a go filtering now to see whether or not your team has got the edge over its rivals when it comes to speedy internet connections.

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