A new project is under way to provide a big picture of internet speeds across the Eurozone.

The European Commission project, to be undertaken by UK connectivity measurement firm SamKnows, aims to depict levels of speed and reliability provided by internet service providers (ISPs) across the European member states. According to the BBC, once the research is completed the data will be accessible to both consumers and ISPs.

In order to collect the data SamKnows are looking to recruit 10,00 volunteers. These volunteers will need to plug in a small device, known as a whitebox, that is attached to their broadband connection. When the broadband connection is inactive the whitebox runs a series of tests to measure the speed and performance of the line.

SamKnows previously conducted a similar project with Ofcom in the UK and discovered that the actual performance of some major ISPs was well below the advertised speeds. According to SamKnows Executive, Alex Salter, the test would be “a large-scale version of the UK project” and would help everything from government investment drives through to enabling consumers to make informed decisions about choosing an ISP.

For more information on the experiment then please visit the SamKnows website.

(Image by Taco Witte)


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