Rural businesses have been boosted by the news that next generation broadband has got the green light for a second wave of funding.

With £50m on offer and bids being accepted by local councils, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne confirmed that “broadband is crucial for the country’s economic future; that’s why the coalition government is investing over half a billion pounds in its infrastructure”.

The government hopes this round of funding, which is drawn from television license fees, will help a further 800,000 premises to acquire next-generation broadband, aiding the government’s goal of the UK leading Europe’s super-fast broadband market by 2015.

The funding will make setting up a business in rural areas much more attractive, helping address concerns that the lack of business broadband is curtailing UK business performance outside of the major cities.

With a quality source of internet connectivity, rural businesses will be able to compete more effectively with their urban counterparts. Currently, only well-connected city-based companies can take advantage of time-saving and cost-cutting internet technologies such as business VoIP, hosted email, virtual offices and cloud based storage. By providing a reliable and more balanced broadband platform for rural locations, the government are also providing a level playing field for smaller businesses, which can only help the UK economy.

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