A think-tank have claimed that the UK could have 100% fibre optic internet coverage without further public funding.

The claim, from The Information Society Alliance (EURIM), says Government spending on next generation internet connections could be cut if utility companies shared existing infrastructure.

EURIM, who target better informing policy making in the public interest, says David Cameron and the coalition Government need to “consider all options to get the ‘fourth utility’ to many hard-to-reach homes“. That includes encouraging private firms to share existing infrastructure with each other for the greater good:

Sharing and building on existing infrastructures could dramatically cut the cost of providing local online access to public services, thus enabling major savings to both central and local Government as well as opening up access for business.

EURIM have suggested that, as fibre does not suffer from external interference like copper does, the UK’s extensive electricity network could be utilised to carry broadband services alongide the nation’s power. 150,000 power substations around the country already serve 98% of homes, making near universal coverage easy to achieve and lessen the need to install extra equipment:

In many cases fibre could be strung up alongside power lines to homes instead of digging up roads.”

The suggestions are great news for the UK taxpayer, who have so far footed the £500 million-plus bill to start developing fibre-based connections. There has been progress in the UK fibre optic market, with many ISPs now offering fibre services, however, the majority of these are Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), hybrid copper-fibre connections. This means lots of the same problems, such as reliability, interference, varying speeds and distance from the exchange still remain.

Pure fibre connections, such as Gradwell’s Fibreline, eradicate these problems as they provide a fibre connection direct from the exchange to the business premises. This means that businesses can get a connection that can guarantee the speed they choose, from 10Mb to 100Mb, which is then delivered at the speed of light!

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