Volunteers are being sought in Newquay to help trial a new high-speed 4th generation broadband network. This trial will focus on offering broadband in typically under served and expensive to reach rural areas. According to the BBC this will be the first chance to try out 4G technology that is set to reach the UK’s mainstream markets by 2014. UK networks will begin bidding for the use of 4G spectrum later next year.

Currently the 4G spectrum is being used for analogue televisions however this is being gradually phased out. The larger spectrum could mean that 4G could provide a cheap solution of getting high speed internet to places that have slow, or no broadband connection at all. The experiment will involve half of the sample being given 4G dongles which will trial connections on individual devices such as laptops with the remaining half having their houses fitted with specialised wireless routers giving the participants the ability to pick up the areas 4G connection to the internet.

Specifically the type of 4G on trial will be that of long term evolution (LTE) which allows download speeds of 100 megabits per second whilst on the move and potentially faster speeds whilst stationary. The rationale behind this experiment is that it will remove the need for physical infrastructure to be in place throughout these “black spot” regions in order to give their inhabitants access to super fast broadband.

The trial is being supported by Nokia, Siemens, Huawei, Cornwall Development Company as well as Everything Everywhere.

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