Of course you can use your tablet to read magazines or books and to watch films on the move, but what else is your tablet good for? Here are some useful business uses for your tablet.

1.  Ordering

If you’re in the catering industry, using a tablet could prove invaluable. Some restaurants have started allowing customers to order their dinner via a tablet. This option not only speeds up service time but will also allow the company to save money on staff.

2.  Pay here

You can already take payments on the go with a smartphone, but using a tablet you can allow customers to sign for a payment on screen and then you can automatically send them a receipt.

3. Instant feedback

Customer feedback is essential for most businesses. Rather than having to print out a feedback form and try and decipher some handwriting or make best guesses, you can now load a form on a tablet and receive instant feedback which can be sent straight to your database.

4.  Double screen

You can hook your tablet up to your laptop or PC and operate a second screen.

5.  Collaborate working

Tablets are a lot easier to use in meetings than a laptop. You can share ideas, documents and work on new projects instantly without having to write notes, print out documents or create a presentation. This is something that we really benefit from here at Gradwell.

6. Track your stock

Using software like Inventory Tracker you are able to use your tablet and scan bar codes, take pictures on-site and update your spreadsheets.

7.  Prioritise your tasks

You can optimise your productivity while at work by shifting all of your distracting tasks and apps (such as social media channels and email) to your tablet.  This will allow you to keep your desktop free from any sort of distraction and enable you to allocate ‘tablet time’ within your day.

8.  Online catalogues and brochures

Tablets are great for consuming media, especially things that are visually impressive or full of images. Let your customers download your catalogue and brochure; it saves you more while saving trees and allows your customers to interact with the media included.

9.  Master for all manual

Everything has a manual these days, and many are now only available online now. Download them all onto your tablet and not only will you be able to access them all in one place, but you will be able to use and see them when you really need them, such as when you’re trying to mend the printer.

10.  Instant estimates

By using an online invoicing tool on your tablet you will be able to draw up estimates, bills and receipts all on-site with the customer next to you.

11.  Out and about

Tablets tend to be lighter and have a longer battery life then laptops, so you are able to check your emails, deal with any admin, go online, use social media and access documents all from the comfort of your car or while on the train. This means you can spend more time out on the road and with customers, and less time at your desk.

12.  Updates on the road

Service industries have started using tablets to communicate route information and updates; you can also use them to receive notifications about problems or repairs, as well as logging in at a customer’s property.

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We would love to hear if you are using tablets in your business- what benefits have you noticed?


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