New: updates to our partner portal and control panel

Following the release of our new partner portal, we’ve been working hard to resolve issues and improve sections of our previous partner portal (or the ‘Administration Area’) and its control panel. We’ve been updating it to make it clearer and easier to use, as well as fixing any underlying bugs and issues. These changes will affect both our channel partners and their customers. 

These changes and features will be going live on Monday 20th April. Please note: Between 19th April at 10pm – 20th April at 4am, access to the Partner Portal and Control Panel will be restricted.

What we're updating

We’ve focused on making it easier to manage yours and your customers’ services faster and easier – which is particularly important when almost all our users will be working remotely until further notice. Some of the main things we’ve improved are: 

control panel sso
Single Sign on

We’ve changed the way you log in to the partner portal to a single sign-on process. This affects our partners who are also direct customers of Gradwell. If you have both a customer and partner account with us, previously you had to enter in your details multiple times to view your separate accounts. When you log in now, the portal will recognise your credentials and you’re given an option of which account you wish to view. This will make signing in quicker and navigating easier and more efficient. 

Note: For partners’ customers, their login process is the same as normal.

Softphone setup

We’ve made our softphone available to our partners, so you can now add your customers to the softphone application. We’ve added this feature to the partner portal to allow partners access to our softphone and to provision it for their customers. The softphone setup allows you to add a mobile number to an extension and start using our softphone app on iOS and Android devices. See the video below on how to manage and activate a Gradwell phone for specific phone numbers. 

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Bulk contact CSV upload to directory

After investigation, we found that CSV uploads weren’t working in the way that we wanted them to. We found that bulk imports of contact details were failing and had to be done manually, causing inconvenience to partners with multiple contacts. We have worked on this and have made this feature more effective and improved the bulk management. You can now upload a CSV file to the control panel, and this will populate a directory of contacts. 

Music on hold & voice prompts

We’ve fixed a number of bugs reported to us by partners on the music on hold and voice prompt pages. These issues mainly affected queues, IVRs and hunt groups. Following this feedback, we’ve updated our music on hold and voice prompt features and have made setting, saving and editing them much easier to do. We have resolved the initial bugs, including routing issues and items not showing up on voice prompts and music on hold indexes.

Customer package page

We wanted to make it easier for our partners to understand and manage their customers. We’ve updated various sections, including pulling in data from other sources to show clearly when customers are using certain services. We believe adding this feature will help our partners view, manage and navigate their customer accounts more efficiently. 

Call charges page

We’ve added a new call charges page to the portal. When you use the new call charges page on the partner portal, it will use the tariff on a customer’s account and show you the specific price that the customer will be billed. The call charges page allows you to search for any phone number, area code or country and find out how much the charges are when making a phone call. We think this will be extremely helpful for a variety of partners and their customers. See how to use the call charges page in the video below.

Backend improvements

In addition to specific updates for partners, we’ve also been fixing bugs and making backend improvements to the partner portal and its control panel. Now more than ever, it’s important to have our services and applications as up to date as possible and running as normal during working from home implementations.  

These fixes include improvements to error handling, logging and validation messages, filtering, searches and sign-up issues, and customer and partner package updates. These improvements have made the portal and control panel stronger and more effective for both customers, partners and internal teams. 

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