What does Future-Proof
Technology really mean ?

When looking at new technology for your business you’re bound to stumble across the phrase ‘future-proof. It’s hard to know what this really means, what the implications of this phrase are for your business, and how it can save you money.

What does this term really mean?

With regard to technology, future-proofing refers to the implementation of tools that evolve rather than those that become outdated and need replacing. The idea is to invest in scalable, flexible technology that can grow and expand with your company.

Cloud services grow with your business and are constantly evolving. When you invest in cloud based services, over time the service evolves and improves rather than degrading and depreciating. Cloud is future proof.

Phone systems as an example  

Most businesses still use the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) for their office phone system, an outdated system that limits users to a maximum number of concurrent calls and tied to a local exchange. Additionally, ISDN is not very resilient, if your service goes down you can only route all your calls to a single number which you may or may not have set up when the lines were first installed. On top of that, BT are terminating ISDN lines in 2025. With ISDN you would be setting up limits before even starting your instillation and investing in a technology that will be obsolete in lee than ten years.  

On the opposite end of the spectrum is cloud telephony or  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Cloud hosted VoIP is simple, offering businesses more control over their phone system while cutting costs.  

Starting with single-user VoIP service many providers will give you access to PBX functionality in the cloud, meaning you don’t need to install a PBX onsite or in your home. For bigger businesses a hosted PBX will deliver far greater flexibility, scalability and resilience on an opex based pay per user, per month model. Gradwell’s multi-user VoIP subscription is a market leader and will expand to an unlimited number of users.  

Cloud hosted Telephony also ensures that you are not reliant on hardware, as softphone apps allow you to use your mobile in place of a desk phone.  

Cloud based Telephony is therefore future-proof because no matter how your business changes, where you need to work, or what size the business becomes, it can be altered to fit your needs. Read our Ultimate Guide to VoIP to find out more about cloud hosted telephony.  

In summary:  

Future-proof technology tends to be cloud or internet based. This is because, it allows for easy updates, patches and maintenance. Internet-based software allows for a fluidity that cannot be achieved with office-based software allowing it to be safe from stagnation.   

When we talk about future-proof technology, therefore, we are referring to technology that that will not become outdated because of its flexible, evolving nature and its adaptable online grounding. Utilising software that’s based in the cloud is, therefore, an investment in your company’s future.


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