An easier way to log in to your Gradwell account

Starting from next week, we’re changing the way you log in to your Gradwell account. This simple but important change makes logging in easier and quicker. It will also unify your communications and increase your productivity.

What's changing?

We are making a very simple change in the way you log in. Before, we asked you to sign in using your username, password and PIN. From now on, you only need your username and password to log in and access your applications. Keep in mind that you will still need to use your PIN when contacting support. Below you can see what the new log in looks like:

New log in

This change allows you to link all your Gradwell accounts, services and resources together under a single sign-on. A single sign-on or SSO is a platform or user authentication service that lets a customer or client use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications. If you have multiple accounts under the same email, you will be able to select between them on the screen shown below:

Multiuser Login

What are the benefits of a single sign-on?

Increased productivity 

Businesses who switched to SSO noticed a significant increase in productivity. SSO has a positive impact on productivity, as it reduces wasted time and resources. With all your applications in one convenient place, you need less systems and less passwords. When you log in, you only need to do it once and you’ll have all your resources in front of you with one click. This amount of saved time might seem small, but it does make a difference in the long run. With SSO, you don’t waste time logging in to individual applications, so you can spend more time working. 

Improves security 

There is a common misconception that SSO weakens your security. With a single sign-on, you only need one password for multiple applications. Because of this, users are more likely to come up with a stronger and more unique password to reduce the risk of password theft. By doing this, you create a password that is harder to guess and you’re less likely to write it down. 

Reduces bad password habits 

Every individual, whether it’s for work or home, will have a variety of passwords to get into multiple systems and accounts. With a unique SSO password that covers all your applications, you’re less likely to forget it, reuse an existing password for another application or to get stuck in ‘password fatigue’.  

Improves user experience  

At Gradwell, not only do we want to give you the best communication systems, but we want to enhance your user experience. An SSO does just that. With all your applications under one password, you can manage your accounts easier, quicker and more efficiently.

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