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At Gradwell we’re making it our mission to provide UK businesses with a credible, high value alternative to the telecoms giants for business phone services. We’d like to show you how our services and prices stack up.

With reliable VoIP services starting at £4 a month for a single user, switching is hassle-free and easy, you can keep your number and benefit from additional advantages including;

  • Voicemail delivered by text or email
  • Use the same number wherever you are
  • Extensions in multiple locations
  • Professional voice prompts

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Business VoIP:
Gradwell vs BT

We took a look at how we measure up to Telecoms giants BT, with interesting results.

Check out this comparison to find out how we stack up on

  • Set up costs
  • Line rental
  • Call charges
  • Phone prices
  • Features

BT service comparison

New to VoIP?
This short video gives you a brief and not too techy overview of what you need to know.

Please note that all prices are excluding VAT unless otherwise stated. Basic assumptions were made to measure savings realistically: average call length 10 minutes to calculate call setup fees / customers are on a "without a call plan all contracts" / call calculations consider peak traffic between 7am-7pm Mon-Fri.
The calculator factors in typical landline setup charges.