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Voice to Email and Text 

Did you know you can read your voicemail messages? Gradwell’s voicemail to email and text service frees you from your office answer phone and translates your voicemail messages into an SMS message or an email.

The services is designed specifically for SMEs so you can be confident it is the right service for your small to mid-sized business. Whether you are just starting out or expanding with more employees and locations, this service from Gradwell can help.

Take a look at our other award winning communications services such as our Fax to Email services:

Cost: £6.00 per month (excluding VAT)
Initial setup: FREE
Additional Information: You will need to be an existing Gradwell VoIP customer to activate this service on your account.

Key Benefits

  • With ‘Spoken through VoxScience’ voicemails are translated as text
  • Receive unlimited translated messages
  • Receive your voicemail text via SMS or email
  • Read your voicemail text on PCs, mobile phones or hand held devices
  • Save or forward your voicemails
  • No setup fee


  • Fax-to-Email: Receive your faxes in your inbox (£3.00 per month excluding VAT)
  • Call forwarding: Forward your calls to any number (£4.00 per month excluding VAT)

If you would like more information on Voicemail to Email or Text, our team is available to you on 01225 800 808, or we can call you back