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Phone Broadband for Business FAQ

Why should I use a VoIP phone system for my business?

With VoIP you can:

  • Avoid buying an expensive phone system
  • Have phone extensions in multiple locations
  • Save money on calls - Make calls between remote offices for free
  • Have inbound numbers in different area codes - be local in yellow pages but a single office
  • Have a flexible voicemail system with SMS and Email
  • Have unlimited capacity for calls - grow quickly
  • Get detailed call statistics
  • Create different routes for calls to your office at different times of day


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Will my VoIP phone work if the power fails?

No . As VoIP relies on your internet connection, if your broadband router has no power, your phone won't work either.

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How do I record my voice prompts?

To record your voice message, first log into your control panel, then select Voice prompts. From here you will need to choose record a new voiceprompt, and then give it a name. The system will then give you a Pin number which you can use by ringing 188 from a Gradwell phone and then following the instructions. Once this has been recorded you then need to select your extension/huntgroup/queue you want it set on. In the Extensions menu for example there is an option for the voicemail outgoing message, change this to the one you would have just recorded, when someone calls your voicemail they will hear your recorded message before leaving you a message.

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Do I need to have a broadband connection to use VoIP?

Yes, ISDN and dialup modem users may find the sound quality is much more variable. It's important to make sure you are using the correct codec to compress the voice data if you are using a lower bandwidth line. The g729a codec is recommended for dialup and ISDN use.

On an ADSL line with 256k upstream, you can get 3 to 4 concurrent calls. When using our service in a busy office of upto 10 people, customers typically dedicate one broadband service to their phone provision.

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Can I use my existing numbers?

If they are supplied a company we have a porting agreement with, you can keep your number. Please visit our 'Keep My Number' section for more information.

You sign up with a temporary new number, then we put the port through, and replace the temporary new number. Number porting takes 7 - 14 working days for a single line and costs £20 + VAT. It is important to remember that when you port a number away from your provider, they will cease that line, and all its associated services, such as broadband.

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How many numbers do I need?

It depends on how many calls you expect to have at anyone time and whether you want DDI in which case it's one per person. A phone number gives you 2 calls at any one time.

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Can I choose my new number?

We can provide you with a local geographic number (01, 02 or 03), a national non-geographic number (08) or you can choose a memorable number from £20 + VAT. Special numbers, classed as Gold, Silver or Bronze will cost more.

We also provide a wide range of International numbers.

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If I move house, can I keep the same VoIP number?

Yes. The number is not tied to a geographical location. Numbers associated with a VoIP operator, such as Gradwell, can be used anywhere there is an Internet connection.

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Are call charges from landlines and mobiles to VoIP different?

No, we provide you with a UK landline phone number, or you use your ported number, so people pay the same to call you as they would with a traditional landline.

Important update: As of July 1st calls to Non Geographic numbers, 08, 09 and 118 will be subject to an Access and Service Charge. The Access Charge for these numbers will be 6.25 ppm (exc. VAT) for peak, off peak and weekend calls.

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Do I need to keep my computer on to use VoIP?

No. As long as you are connected to your broadband router, and that remains on and connected to the Internet, you can use VoIP without the need for a computer.

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Can I use my VoIP line for fax?

We do not recommend putting fax machines on VoIP lines.

We suggest using our Email-2-Fax and Fax-2-Email services to send and receive faxes from your email address.

An alternative would be to use your fax equipment over the PSTN line which hosts your Internet connection.

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Can I redirect calls to another phone number?

Yes. You will need to use our UK and International call forwarding service.

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Is VoIP reliable?

We find that as long a customers have sufficient bandwidth on their Internet connection to operate the service correctly, they experience excellent call quality. We are able to advise on the bandwidth necessary for an optimum experience.

Our use of our own VoIP service also means we are acutely aware of any problems that may occur with service, meaning that we act to resolve any issues immediately.

The only other issues can be to do with your equipment and connection to the Internet which we can help ensure are set up correctly.

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Are there any phone numbers that VoIP phones can't call?

You can call most phone numbers apart from a small number of destinations which are currently blocked. These can be unblocked on your account by contacting our customer services team.

  • UK Premium*
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (+243)
  • Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Mobile (+263)

* Cannot be unblocked.

We may, in exceptional circumstances, block other destinations if necessary due to fraud or other abuse of our services


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