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Directory enquiries

£10.00 (excluding VAT) per number listed

If you wish to list your Gradwell number on the BT directory enquiries service please print off and complete the Directory Enquiries Form and fax to 01225 800 801.

If you are porting numbers to Gradwell and they are already listed with a directory enquiries service, please request that it is continued and complete the Directory Enquiries Form. Once completed, this need to be faxed alongside the Number Porting Form, to 01225 800 801.

If you have any special requirements (e.g. the use of bold or super-bold type, cross referencing, etc) please contact administration@gradwell.com to discuss further. If you would like your number to be listed under a Business Type category on BT's 118 500 service, you will need to contact BT directly on 0800 833400.