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Gradwell Partners

GAP Training

A Gradwell Approved Professional (GAP) has a core set of knowledge required to succeed with the Gradwell product set and systems. To become a Gradwell Approved Professional, partners must pass a multiple choice examination.

We have a full suite of dedicated training material to help partners pass the GAP exam. It is up to each individual how they make use of this content, however working through it will increase the chances of passing successfully first time. The answer to every single question in the exam can be found within our training content.

Who would benefit from GAP training?

 As Gradwell’s products and portals are so flexible it would benefit anyone who Sells, Supports or Invoices.  GAP training is free and modular, meaning that each employee can view and review at any time the areas that are relevant to them.   It is strongly recommended that Technical Staff complete the exam in order for them to provide the very best levels of service to your customers.

Training Resources

Gradwell has a number of resources available to all partners to assist in easy transfer of knowledge.

Training Portal Resources including how to articles, walkthrough videos and mini quizzes. training.gradwell.com
Partner Portal Sales and technical documentation library (such as VoIP Best Practice and sales collateral). partnerportal.gradwell.com
Gradwell Website Fully up to date sales and product information and access to our full customer knowledgebase. www.gradwell.com
Training Manager Available for onsite training days (chargeable) and for feedback on training. training@gradwell.com
Account Managers Access to dedicated or shared account manager. Will assist with any query that will help you grow your business. partnersales@gradwell.com
Demonstration Account All partners have access to an account for use on sales demonstrations and implantation training. Your partner admin area

Upon successful completion of the GAP exam each individual will be awarded with Gradwell branded pen, USB stick, mug and polo shirt.

How to get started

The GAP examination can be accessed by logging on to your partner administration area. Once logged in, click “Training Portal” in the main navigation and then “GAP Exam”

The Gradwell Partner Sales team are available 9am – 5pm to assist with any enquires on 01225 800900 and partnersales@gradwell.com.