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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which services can I provide?

Partners can offer Gradwell's award-winning Hosted and Enterprise VoIP, voice-enabled connectivity, Meraki hardware and licences and VoIP hardware. Check out our product page for more information.

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How much can I earn as a Gradwell Partner?

Certified Partners earn 10% on all Gradwell services provided to their customers. This is earned in the form of commission which is paid monthly.

Premier Partners are given discounts on Gradwell services, which they may in turn offer to their customers to earn revenue through adding margin to these services.

When will I be paid/billed?

Certified Partners are paid on a commission basis and will receive payment by BACS once a month.

Premier Partners are billed for services used by their customers at their agreed discounted wholesale rates once a month.
Who bills the customer?

Gradwell bills Certified Partner customers directly for services used.

Premier Partners can invoice and collect payment from their customer directly or have the option for Gradwell to raise invoices for their customers. However, Gradwell would not be responsible for the collection of payment. 
Are there requirements to becoming a Gradwell Partner?

Gradwell Partners are required to meet monthly income levels. The amount required is determined by the partner level. and the revenue commitments are as follows:

Certified Partners: None*
Silver Partners: £500
Gold Partners: £1,000
Platinum Partners: £5,000.

* Certified Partners are required to register at least one new customer per month.

It is also required that a specified number of partner staff passes a Gradwell Partner training courses. These, like revenue commitments, vary in relation to partner level.

The training requirements are as follows:

Certified Partners: 1
Silver Partners: 2
Gold Partners: 3
Platinum Partners: 4

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