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Calls to 999/112 Emergency Services

Gradwell Communications Limited provides access to public emergency call services to all customers within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

When you dial either 999 or 112, your call is routed from the Gradwell network to national emergency operators who will handle your call. The emergency operator will ask for specific information to correctly transfer your call. You will need to state clearly and promptly the nature of your emergency, your location and phone number, and any other requested information. The emergency operator will then route your call to the appropriate emergency agency, such as:

  • Police
  • Fire Brigade
  • Ambulance
  • Coastguard
  • Mountain Rescue

Emergency calls outside of the United Kingdom

However, if you use your Gradwell Service outside of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, you will not be able to call emergency services in the country where you are located.

Update your 999/112 Emergency Response Address

Your Gradwell VoIP phone service is portable so it is important that you register the location of your device and keep it updated. This information should be visible to the Emergency Services so they can see what location assistance is required. You can make changes to your location information online via the Gradwell control panel.

Where you use your Gradwell VoIP service in a fully nomadic manner - such as using a soft-phone on a laptop - we understand it may not be technically feasible to set the address of every location that you use the service from. In such cases you should be aware that the emergency operator will NOT know your location and you must provide this information to them verbally.

Power & Service Outages Can Prevent Access to 999/112 Emergency Services

  • 999 / 112 Emergency Services and your Gradwell Service WILL NOT function during an electrical power or broadband provider outage, or if your Gradwell account has been suspended or terminated.
  • It is highly recommend that you ensure that you have an alternative means of contacting the Emergency Services such as a mobile phone or a traditional, wired phone plugged into the PSTN.
  • N.B. It should also be remembered that in the case of a power failure, an ordinary DECT or wireless phone will also fail to work.

Important information

Please refer to the 999/112 Emergency Services sections of our Terms and Conditions for important information regarding access to Emergency Services.