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FTTC Providers

Superfast fibre broadband from Gradwell - also known as Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) - is a high-speed and reliable internet connection that offers download speeds of up to 40 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 2 Mbps.

With Superfast fibre broadband from Gradwell, you can enjoy super-fast broadband speeds. Webpages are more responsive, email is sent and received more quickly and you can easily share files and video. It’s also an ideal choice if you use a CRM system, or other web based (or Cloud) applications as the application will be more responsive when compared to ordinary broadband.

  • Benefits of using business-grade FTTC
    • It’s very fast - Minimum line download speed of 15Mpbs* up to 40Mbps*, which is twice as fast as an EFM 4 pair leased line and nearly three times as fast as Gradwell’s Premier Plus Broadband. You will receive ‘up speed’ of 2Mbps*
    • You can download and upload files in seconds, which allows you to quickly back-up your programs etc
    • No delay in loading web pages, especially those with videos and images, which means your employees can work quickly
    • Improved performance on Virtual Private Networks (VPN) making uploading and downloading of files more efficient; making remote working and working from home a more viable option for employees
    • Improved download and upload speeds when using multimedia, conferencing facilities and live streaming services allowing them to become useful, cost-effective tools to communicate with suppliers and prospects
    • Room for growth, as your connectivity can grow with you and will be better equipped to cope with future growth in features such as high definition streaming.

    These benefits depend on using FTTC with a good working router and computer or laptop.

    *Mbps means Megabits per second which is a measure of data transfer speed

  • Benefits of choosing Gradwell FTTC
    •  Reduce call costs by switching from your traditional phone service to VoIP delivered over your FTTC
    • You receive free Static IP addresses meaning services like VoIP and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are a lot more reliable
    • We offer Quality of Service (QoS) which means that you can share your ‘up speed’ (in this case 2Mbps) between the products you are using, for example between your phone and laptop
    • 24/7 Gradwell support available as well as a level 4 enhanced care service (via Openreach) which means you will receive a response time of 3 hours and a fix time of less than 20 hours*

    *BT will clear the fault within 20 hours of receipt of the fault report, excluding any allowable parked time.

  • FAQ

    Is FTTC available in my area?

    BT has committed to cover more than 1.8 million homes and businesses (premises). This should represent about 80% of BT's "commercial fibre footprint". This footprint aims to cover 66% of UK premises by the end of 2014.

    To find out if FTTC is available to your premises, contact Gradwell sales on 01225 800 123

    What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
    A VPN is a technology which allows a company to offer a secure network for employees to access their emails, files, images etc

    FTTC Availability

    All requests for FTTC installation are subject to cabinet availability. If you currently do not have a landline (PSTN) number, one will need to be installed prior to ordering FTTC

    Is there a data limit?
    Yes, the limit is 200GB, subject to our Fair Use Policy

    Will my business data be prioritised over domestic traffic?
    Yes, business data prioritisation is offered as standard; this is what BT refers to as ‘Elevated Best Effort’. The monthly fee includes a throughput level of at least 16Mbit/s for 90% of the busy 3 hour period and throughput level of at least 80% of the value of their BRAS profile for 90% of the busy 3 hour period

    What is the monthly cost of having Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)?
    The standard monthly fee is £25 + VAT

    Are there any other costs relating to the installation?
    There is a set-up cost/connection charge of £80 + VAT

    Can I ask for a special installation date?
    For example, ask for a date that is earlier than the one first given, or request installation at the weekend?
    Yes, you can. The charge for expediting your order will be £180 +VAT

    Are there any cancellation costs?
    Yes, cancellation or amendment of the order, up to 48 hours before the installation date, will be charged at £10.00 +VAT per amendment; if you wish to cancel the order, a single charge of £10 +VAT will be made

    Is there a missed appointment cost?
    Yes, if you miss an allocated installation date, there is a charge of £85 +VAT

    What is the minimum contract length?
    12 months; rolling monthly thereafter with a 30 day notice period

    Is there a cancellation cost associated with ending your contract after the first 12 months?

    Yes, we will require 30 days notice and the cost is £10 +VAT

    What are the download and upload speeds?
    Minimum line download speed is 15Mbps* up to 40Mbps*, which is twice as fast as Ethernet in the first mile (EFM) 4 pair leased line and you could receive upload speeds of 10Mbps*

    Do I need to buy a router?
    Yes. The cost of the router is £27.50 and we will order the router for you when your order your FTTC line.

    Why do I have to buy a router from Gradwell?

    The router that Gradwell will order for you with is fully configured for use with our FTTC service and as such is designed to optimise FTTC performance, and minimise issues. 

    Is there a postage charge for the router?
    Yes, you will be charged postage (postage is usually under £12 + VAT, and the router is delivered by courier)

    Are there any reasons why I might not be eligible for FTTC?
    If you have any of the following products on your line then you will be unable to order FTTC:

    • 30k loop
    • Private circuits
    • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
    • Home Highway or Business Highway
    • Redcare ISDN
    • Featurenet 5000 services
    • Meterpulse facility
    • PBX lines or Auxiliary lines
    • Caller Redirect

    Our sales or support team will be able to advise you if you’re unsure if you have any of these products. If you have any questions, please call us on 01225 800 123

    What level of service and support is available?

    Gradwell’s UK based 24/7 Technical Support is free of charge. For any support matters, please call 01225 800 123.

    Can I upgrade the level of service and support?

    You can also purchase (via Openreach) service level 4 enhanced care as follows:

    • Operating hours: 24/7 including UK public and bank holidays
    • Response time: less than 3 hours, Fix time: less than 20 hours**
    • Engineering visits: 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, including public and bank holidays: out of hours where unrestricted access available
    • Service level 4 is available for £7.50 per month and is payable in addition to the cost of FTTC broadband service

    How many VoIP calls can be made across FTTC?
    If you are using the connection purely for VoIP calls, we anticipate over 100 concurrent (inbound and outbound) VoIP calls could comfortably be made across Gradwell FTTC at any one time

    Can Gradwell arrange for a PSTN line (landline) to be installed at the same time as the installation of FTTC?

    Yes, Gradwell can arrange for a simultaneous installation of a PSTN line and FTTC (where available).
    There is a charge of £35 for a simultaneous installation.

    What are the costs of a simultaneous installation?
    Installation of the PSTN line is £48.22 + VAT, with a charge of £3.99 +VAT to coordinate the FTTC and PSTN installations. The line rental for the PSTN is charged quarterly at £27.50 +VAT. All three charges are payable by you.

    Please note you will need;
    Two power sockets are required: one for the Openreach NTE and one for our FTTC router. You will also need an Ethernet cable connection. If you do not currently have a PSTN line (BT line), you will need to order one at the same time as ordering the FTTC. The order forms we send to you include ordering a PSTN (if you need one). You will be charged for the PSTN line (charges outlined above)

    *Mbps means Megabits per second, which is a measure of data transfer speed

    **BT will clear the fault within 20 hours of receipt of the fault report, excluding any allowable parked time.