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Broadband for Businesses FAQs

How do I migrate to Gradwell broadband?

All you need to do is contact your existing broadband provider’s customer service and obtain your Migration Authorisation Code (known as a MAC key). Then, you simply place your order online and enter your MAC key when prompted.

Not all MAC keys are compatible with Gradwell broadband. The MAC codes that are compatible should be in the following formats:

4 letters, 7 digits, forward slash, 2 letters, 2 digits, 1 letter. For example, LLLN0189907/DF34L
4 letters, 7 or 8 or 9 digits, forward slash, 2 letters, 2 digits, 1 letter (example BBIP1757713/DJ29K or FTIP01753715/BD19J or FTIP012345678/BD23J).

It’s a good idea to check your current contract, as some providers charge their customers for moving to another provider before a specified date. Once we have your MAC key and your completed order we can start moving you over to Gradwell. The entire process will take around two weeks. During the changeover you will briefly lose your broadband connection, but we’ll ensure that it’s up and running in as short a time as possible.

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How do I check the service status?

In the event of a system problem our network monitoring system will let us know. Before reporting any problems please check to see if it is already listed at www.gradwellstatus.com.

The status website also has updates from our engineering team regarding any current or planned outages. Please note that these services are hosted for us by a totally independent ISP and thus should be available even if our own systems have a problem.

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What happens if I make changes to my PSTN service?

If any changes to your telephony service are made (i.e. you upgrade from a residential to a business service, or the line stops for any maintenance whilst a broadband order or service is on the line) the broadband order or service will be automatically cancelled.

This service will then need to be re-ordered/provided at the usual 7-10 days.

If you are planning any changes it is advisable to check with Gradwell support to see how the changes will affect your broadband service.

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How long is a Gradwell broadband contract?

For our packages, there is an initial 3 month contract, after which we require 30 days notice in writing to cancel your contract.

If you are cancelling within the intial 3 month contract you will incur a cancellation charge of £50 + VAT.

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What speeds will I get?

Customers on our LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) network have experienced speeds of up to 16Mbps. The actual speed that you will receive is based on three factors: the length of the wire that connects your premises with the BT exchange, the quality of the copper, and signal interference from other users or devices.

Gradwell Office Advanced and Gradwell Office Priority Broadband customers will receive an uncontended asymmetrical subject to line capability.

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What operating system do I need to be able to use your service?

We support both PCs and Macs and any operating system that supports TCP/IP communication and has an Ethernet port, i.e. Windows, Linux, Mac.

Any PC that supports TCP/IP can be connected to our service. To use wireless network features you will normally need a wireless network adapter on your computer, most laptops have this included, if you have a desktop PC you may need to purchase additional equipment (Gradwell does not supply Wireless networking equipment).

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Will I need to change my telephone number to use Gradwell broadband?


Our service is provided over your existing BT telephone line, so if you have a serviceable BT line already, your telephone number will not need to change.

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Can you provide Gradwell broadband over a cable line?

Sadly, no.

Gradwell can only provide services over an active BT line, as our equipment is only installed in BT exchanges.

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Do you charge for static IP addresses?


We provide all Gradwell broadband customers with up to 16 static IP’s free of charge.

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What is a microfilter?

When your broadband is activated, your existing analogue telephone service will continue to work (and you can make voice calls as normal). Broadband will operate at the same time. The ‘data’ signal and the regular voice signal are carried down the same line, each operating in a different part of the ‘spectrum’ (a bit like different radio stations).

In order for the broadband signal not to interfere with your regular telephones, fax machines and answering machines, you will need a micro filter or splitter. The micro filter ‘strips out’ the high frequency data signal so that your phones receive the normal voice signal without interference.

If you purchase , or are supplied with our router , we include 2 Microfilters free of charge.

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After taking my order, what happens if you then can't connect me to your service?

You will be notified as soon as possible if this is the case. You will not be charged if you haven’t received the service from Gradwell.

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How often do I pay my bill?

Invoices are due for payment monthly, in advance, on the anniversary of your signup date (or the closest working day if it should fall on a weekend or a bank holiday).

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What happens if I don't pay my bill?

If the automatic payment fails we will send you a message, and attempt to take payment, three working days later. If this also fails and payment is not made within 15 days we will suspend your service and full payment will be required in order for services to resume. If payment is still not made within 30 days, we will refer your account to a debt collection agency.

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How much does it to cost to get a static IP?

Gradwell Broadband packages include upto 16 IPs free of charge, we can allocate blocks of 32 and 64 IPs, however this is subject to an administration charge and completion of the relevant registry documentation.

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How much do I pay for the service?

Gradwell Office Priority Plus Broadband customers are charged £65 per month, plus a one-off £40 setup fee for new installations (no charge for migration) and nothing for the wireless router.

Gradwell Office Priority Broadband customers are charged £50 per month, plus a one-off £40 setup fee for new installations (no charge for migration) and nothing for the wireless router.

Advanced Business customers are charged £25 per month and a £40 setup fee. Customers who opt for a wireless router will be charged £40.00, plus £8 for next day delivery.

If customers exceed their inclusive bandwidth limit, they are charged £1 per Gigabyte.

All prices exclude VAT.

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If the installation is late, will I get a deduction on the starting fee?

Your first bill is based upon your actual service activation date. If the actual activation date turns out to be later than communicated in your confirmation email and we have already taken payment then we will credit your account accordingly.

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