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Top tips for young entrepreneurs

As you may already know, Gradwell are all about aiding small businesses in reaching their technological potential. Early in 2015 we ran a successful advertising campaign focusing on why ‘#smallbusinessmatters’ using Twitter and YouTube to broadcast our message. With our wee cartoon friend ‘George’ and a positive, proactive ethos – Gradwell have helped inspire and […]


Escape the routine

Every get bored of your routine? Repeating the same old action day after day. These routines can become part of your everyday life, embedding itself in your very being for years to come. One routine millions of individual’s share every day is working in an office. According to a recent study, we spend on average […]


Reflect on tech

We love a slice of nostalgia here at Gradwell, especially when it makes us realise how lucky we are to be living in 2015. As digital and communications technology has evolved, office life has become increasingly efficient for everyone involved. Obvious advancements in digital storage, networking and computer hardware have revolutionised the way we interact […]


Disaster Recovery

It may not be a topic of great comfort, but disaster recovery is an unavoidable factor in the makeup of any self-respecting small business. In today’s 24/7/365 global business environment and with our extreme dependency on information technology, businesses simply cannot afford downtime for even a few hours, much less a few days. That’s why […]