Glossy Blue Cloud with Shadow

The Cloud is safe.

Cloud storage is a simple, cost effective and incredibly convenient means of backing up your data. The Cloud lowers energy usage, removes the need for devoted storage spaces and can be accessible across multiple devices globally; thus making it the ideal partner to a growing business. To put it simply, Cloud makes our lives easier. […]

It’s All About Fibre Broadband for your Business

gigafastVideo buffering… 57%…. still buffering…. aaaaannnd, oh come on we’re so close… page has timed out, please refresh. You bash your head against the desk again and weep a silent tear… but wait, your boss is just around the corner and he wants to know if you’re on schedule. You regain your composure and give […]

Gradwell Case Study: Bath Business Park goes with Fibre Broadband Solution

Helping Make Bath a 21st Century Digital City Background Bath Business Park serves several innovative and thriving businesses with its high quality, adaptable offices and warehousing. Occupants benefit from its popular location just outside of Bath, superb operational support services and flexible leasing opportunities. Current tenants include video production, design consulting, e-tailing and manufacturing.   […]

It’s all about the numbers

binaryAs a technology company, Gradwell is fascinated by the digital world and how telecommunications have progressed since the development and adoption of computers.  Experts argue that the very first digital communication goes as far back as the telegraph system at least a century before the internet we all know and love. It’s also fairly obvious […]