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Accountants enjoy flexibility of Gradwell Mobile

Case study key facts

Company name: Tempo Accounting
Type of business: Accounting
They needed: To reduce telephony costs and increase flexibility
Gradwell products: Gradwell Mobile
Company website: www.tempoaccounting.com
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Tempo Accounting provides a complete accounting service for Freelancers, Consultants and SMEs. Their unique and industry-leading online and mobile service, combined with first class telephone and email support, ensures that running a Limited Company is as simple, rewarding and as cost effective as possible.

“Tempo Accounting has a flexible approach to how and where members of the team work. People are most productive and happiest when they can choose their environment to suit the project they are on, be that at home, in a meeting room with colleagues or at their desk in the office. Gradwell's VoIP and mobile services mean that we can offer this flexibility with no technological barriers - we can still handle calls as smoothly as if we were running a dedicated call centre.”                                                                                                                                     Jon Richardson, Managing Director of Tempo Accounting.

Service and Results

Tempo Accounting is a great believer in “cloud computing”. All of their services are can be accessed online. They initially started using Gradwell VoIP over a year ago, with the phone service slotting into their business perfectly - and Gradwell Mobile seemed like the natural next step.

Adding Gradwell mobile offered further flexibility at very little additional cost. Jon has noticed that since adding the service they “rarely miss a call”, even if their internet connection goes down they can still make and receive calls from their mobiles, as if they were still sat at their desk. Gradwell Mobile even syncs with their databases, it allows staff to see who is calling them and pull up any relevant notes before they answer the call.

Flexibility is essential for Tempo Accounting and having Gradwell Mobile has meant that they have been able to transfer calls to colleagues even when they are on the move, without any inconvenience to the caller.

Why Gradwell?

When asked why Bristol-based Jon chose to work with Gradwell, he pointed out the positives of working with a local business, with Gradwell based just a short trip away in Bath. He also felt Gradwell were “a growing business with new features, which ensure they are ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation in the market.”
“Gradwell VoIP and mobile services are so much more flexible than a fixed line or normal business mobile arrangement and the costs are favourable too.”