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Gradwell VoIP brings new meaning to talk radio

Case study key facts:
Company name: South Northumberland Radio Group
Type of business: Radio broadcasting / media
They needed: To cost-effectively unite communications across multiple sites
Gradwell products: Multi User VoIP
Company website:
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South Northumberland Radio Group provides the region with broadcast-standard facilities as well as an FM radio service. With the team operating at different locations, the group needed an affordable telephony solution that would ensure each member of the team is contactable wherever they are.

“Generally the service has been very positive... in fact, we’re planning on expanding our services with Gradwell in the near future.”
Robert Pobjoy, Station Manager, South Northumberland Radio Group

Services and results

  • Multi User VoIP
  • Unified communications and delivered greater flexibility
  • Improved customer support – only one number to call
  • Enhanced content – the phone system is connected to the studios, which means live contributions can be delivered at no additional cost
  • Reduced costs – full PABX functionality without costly investment in infrastructure

“It’s a very worthwhile service for any small business to take and the number of features you get are incredible compared to other suppliers.”
Robert Pobjoy, Station Manager, South Northumberland Radio Group

Open communications: With a management team based in numerous locations, South Northumberland Radio Group needed a telephony solution that would unify communications and help ensure high standards of customer service. As Station Manager, Robert Pobjoy explains, “It’s imperative that we’re contactable wherever we are. Choosing VoIP meant we could connect remote sites together via one number.” Using VoIP the team can also enhance radio content through broadcast quality live input, “Because our phone system is connected up to our studio we can have live contributions wherever we are, at virtually no cost. There’s no limit to what we can do.”

Broadcasting the benefits: For South Northumberland Radio Group, the benefits of Gradwell Hosted VoIP are clear, “We’ve definitely saved on call costs but we’ve saved more in time.” Robert continues, “The system is so flexible – if I need to get a new line up and running, all I need is broadband and it’s working in next to no time, I can’t fault it.” The group also makes use of Gradwell’s additional VoIP features such as hold music and voicemail to email, as Robert adds, “The number of features that Gradwell provides means we can do so much, it offers the flexibility our business demands.”

Support network: Robert recommended Gradwell to his colleagues based on his previous user experiences. “I knew the service was excellent and support was really good.” Thankfully, Gradwell has lived up to Robert’s recommendation, “Everything’s really fast and you get support when you need it, which is critical for us. In fact, we’re planning on expanding our services with Gradwell in the near future.”