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Company sets Personal Best with Gradwell

Case study key facts
Company name: Personal Best
Type of business: Personal productivity coaching
They needed: To enhance professional image and reduce telephony costs
Gradwell products: Multi User VoIP, Email Hosting, Keep My Number
Company website: www.personalbest.ltd.uk
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Personal Best Ltd is a provider of training and coaching for personal productivity. Clients choose to come to Personal Best if they want to get more done without necessarily spending more time at the office or incurring additional stress. Personal Best works to help their clients maintain a healthy work/life balance, whilst achieving their goals. They show clients how to design, make and operate a better personal organising system than they currently have.

Services and results

  • Multi User VoIP, Email Hosting, Keep My Number
  • Delivers significant cost savings across the year
  • Unify multiple offices and locations without disrupting service to clients
  • Create professional business image of a larger organisation
  • Flexible, easy accessible and customisable system

Personal Best have been working with Gradwell for over ten years and over that time they’ve used many of Gradwell’s services to help boost their business. Personal Best started off using SMTP relay email services, then moved onto hosted email facilities, advanced spam and virus filtering and then using website hosting and finally, of course, using Gradwell’s exceptional Voice over IP services.

Originally Personal Best had their website hosted by one company and their email exchange hosting with another. By using Gradwell, they’re able to operate both systems together and deal with it personally when something goes wrong, without putting the problem into someone else’s hands and having to go with through a third party for even minor adjustments. It’s essential for business that the staff at Personal Best are able to have their web and email services under total control.

And total control means being able to create email aliases, filtering and routing messages and many other features. All these things can be set up or changed very quickly and flexibly with little or no fuss at all..

VoIP services also allow a small business operating in two different buildings to integrate those two offices seamlessly and provide the standards of responsiveness and professionalism more often found in larger organisations. Calls can be forwarded to someone ‘in the same office’ who works in a building hundreds of miles away.

James Daniel, the Development Director at Personal Best says: “A lot of our customers are corporate customers. They like dealing with other corporate customers and they like dealing with people whose technology feels as though it has the capabilities that corporate customers have and expect. For example our telephone system has all the sophisticated features that a corporate customer would expect so it enables us to feel like the kind of people that they would want to be doing business with.

That’s something that you can’t put a price on.

Personal Best appreciate that Gradwell were always ahead of the competition. They were the first in the business to recognise that old ISP email facilities were very limited. As dial up changed to broadband, Gradwell capitalised on this opportunity and now seamlessly brings together Internet and Telephony services for companies that need the most from their telephony provider.

Personal Best recommend Gradwell to other business on a fairly regular basis, James adds: “We know someone that operates a business upstairs from the office space we occupy. He came to a crossroads with his previous telecoms system and he knew that we had a different telecom system and VoIP system from Gradwell. He asked if I wouldn't mind showing him the facilities and so I talked him through the control panel for half an hour or so, I know that he's taken a trial with them, so that’s another potential happy customer for Gradwell.