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It pays to switch to VoIP

Case study key facts
Company name: OnePay
Type of business: Payment cards
They needed: Telephony system for customer service team
Gradwell products: Multi User VoIP, Web Hosting, Email Hosting
Company website: www.payrollcard.co.uk
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OnePay provides payment cards, which are very much like credit or debit cards, in that people that struggle to get a UK bank account can have their wages electronically sent to them and then they can make payments using this card or use a cash machine to access their earnings. The business offers this service for anyone across the United Kingdom who struggled with a bank account due to identity documentation problems or previous financial problems- a particularly useful card in post-recession Britain.

Services and results

OnePay originally used Gradwell as a host for their website, and they still use that service to this day. They were impressed with the service they received and went on to purchase a number of other domain names through Gradwell and moved their existing websites to Gradwell’s trusty servers. They’ve been receiving this exceptional service for over 10 years now.

More recently, OnePay have been using Gradwell VoIP telephony for their inbound and outbound calls, faxes and a customer service centre. With a broad range of needs, they’ve really put their faith in Gradwell’s leading telephony and Internet services.

OnePay’s Jonas Brown indicates some of the main advantages of using Gradwell: “From the telephony side of it, because we can route calls to home numbers if we need to and route calls to overflow call centres and it's seamless from the customers' points of view, and we can do all that without investing really heavily in quite an expensive switch system in the office. All that is taken care of by Gradwell and their servers and all we need to do is access the interface it’s done in literally minutes, and if we need to add a new extension that's not a problem, again… it's done in minutes.

Keeping costs low

Gradwell’s telephony services have kept OnePay’s costs low, which means they don’t have to use an 0870 number for incoming customer calls. OnePay also use an automated balance service that’s based in America, so using Gradwell, the cost of transferring those customer calls to the US service is dramatically reduced.

Brown says “We’d recommend Gradwell without reservation. It's so reliable and the quality so much higher than ever. I've no qualms in recommending anybody who asks me to use not only VoIP but specifically VoIP through Gradwell