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IT company becomes location independent with VoIP

Case study key facts
Company name: Milan Solutions
Type of business: IT solutions and services
They needed: Telephony system that didn't tie staff to one location
Gradwell products: Multi User VoIP, Fax-to-Email
Company website: www.milansolutions.com/
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Services and results

  • Multi User VoIP
  • Fax-to-Email
  • Location independence across entire business
  • Reduced costs - especially on teleconferencing
  • Quick, reliable support

Milan Solutions Ltd is an IT solution and services company that provides end to end IT services from consulting through to implementation. They have many base locations in both India and the United Kingdom. In that sense they are both a local and a global organisation.

Three years ago, Milan Solutions changed their business structure. They were looking for a telephony system that would allow them complete freedom over where their staff were located and that didn’t fix them to a single geographical location.

They started investigating the use of VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol systems. But Milan Solutions had serious concerns that the quality of communication would be poor and whether this would impact upon the customer’s experience of their service.

Entire network support

Gradwell was the first company to make an impression. Milan were impressed with their straightforward website and a one month free trial, which enabled Milan Solutions to try out the service without a commitment. On the basis of this, Milan Solutions went ahead and took two telephone numbers, a primary number and fax. The fax line was so cheap and effective, they cancelled their existing BT fax line. Now their staff receive faxes via email on their Blackberry devices, wherever they are in the world. Three years later and their entire communication network is supported by Gradwell.

Saranjit Arora, Director, says “We’re location independent. All of our staff can log on via their PCs and start making and receiving calls. That works extremely well. Bandwidth is an issue, but we have worked with Gradwell to ensure that our settings are optimum on our laptops.

Business development

Location independence is now a major benefit to Milan Solutions development as a business. These days, they can make calls from their base in India via a local 0208 London number. It makes business development calls, survey calls, R&D calls and other important calls incredibly easy. Another benefit is that it reduces the costs of teleconferencing with their customers. Milan Solutions were paying BT a small fortune for their teleconferencing services, but now they simply don’t need them anymore.

Saranjit added, “We have a telephone extension which serves as a conference centre, so people can dial into our number, connect to that extension and they’re in the conference room. That’s served us really well, because we have this service at hand all the time and we don’t need to worry about racking up huge bills.

Gradwell VoIP has greatly reduced their telephony costs, and improved their ability to work and act as one consolidated organisation. Other big companies might have a unified structure, but they’re paying through the nose for it. Milan Solutions get everything they need from Gradwell at a price they like.

Dedicated support

Then there is support, many companies are trying to raise additional revenues by providing support phone lines on 0870 or 0871 numbers. But Gradwell offer a local number, where you can quickly speak to someone local that can help you there and then -and it’s the kind of support that Saranjit really likes:

"We’d be happy to recommend Gradwell to other organisations, and in fact, we have already done so." Saranjit Arora