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Call centre provider trusts Gradwell to deliver feature-rich telephony

Case study key facts

Company name: Maven Network Ltd
Type of business: IP telephony & IT Services
They needed: A reliable and cost effective telephony service.
Gradwell products: Multi-user VoIP, MPF, SIP
Company website: www.mavennetwork.co.uk
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Having traded as Maven Technology for just a year, the IP telephony provider has developed a firm foothold in the Scottish call centre marketplace.

Maven integrates Gradwell’s VoIP technology and connectivity with a micro PBX to create a cost effective telephony solution for SMEs, which it delivers as a replacement for traditional phone systems.

"Having direct access to Gradwell’s portal is invaluable to us. We can set up new customers in an instant, and establish individual pricing levels as required."
Mark Dickie, Managing Director, Maven.

A successful business model

As one of Gradwell’s largest partners in Scotland, Maven uses an astute route to market by aligning itself with other SMB service providers such as web developers and cabling companies. Working on a referral and commission basis for each other when engaging with clients, it’s a business model that pays dividends, as one trusted supplier leverages the skills of another and end-user clients benefit from proven partnerships and services. As Mark Dickie, Managing Director at Maven explained, “To maintain a high level of trust with other companies that recommend our services, Maven needs to deliver reliable solutions that solve client challenges. Gradwell not only provides steadfast VoIP technology and connectivity with superb uptime, it also gives us the flexibility to badge their technology as our own, and fully integrate them into a solution that we deliver into a niche yet lucrative market.”

Distinct competitive advantage

Previous to using Gradwell, Mark Dickie worked with other suppliers in the VoIP space, but was not impressed. “Needless to say, Gradwell beat our previous suppliers hands down on many fronts. Gradwell offers much greater levels of functionality and their service is second to none – both factors which make a considerable difference to our customers. Most significantly, Gradwell’s pricing is highly competitive. Whilst their competitors just give commission, Gradwell offers wholesale pricing which helps support our profitability.”

Maven takes control

Mark Dickie also sites Gradwell’s online management system as being crucial to facilitating its own service delivery. “Having direct access to Gradwell’s portal is invaluable to us. We can set up new customers in an instant, and establish individual pricing levels as required,” commented Mark Dickie.

Another critical benefit to Maven of working with Gradwell is that of flexibility. As Mark Dickie explained, “We run Maven as a very agile and lean operation. Gradwell gives us the ability to operate as a telephony provider without associated overheads or infrastructure costs. The ability to access Gradwell’s management platforms remotely also means we don’t need a physical office presence ourselves.”

Working with people that care

“If we have an issue, our key contacts at Gradwell are on the end of the phone or email within seconds to help sort it out. They take ownership of problems as if they were their own, which in turn helps Maven to deliver exceptional levels of customer service.”

The future with Gradwell

Working closely with Gradwell, Maven expects to branch out into new areas of connectivity during 2012 and beyond, including mobile services for its customers.

 “We are looking at a cloud-based call centre solution, and Gradwell will certainly be helping us to shape this offering,” concluded Mark Dickie.

To find out more about working with Gradwell telephone 01225 800 900 or visit www.gradwell.com for information on our partner programme.