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Jupps takes Gradwell into account to increase availability

Case study key facts
Company name: Jupps Chartered Accountants
Type of business: Finance
They needed: To increase availability for clients
Gradwell products: Multi User VoIP, Email Hosting, Website Hosting
Company website: www.jupps-uk.com
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Jupps chartered accountants work with small and medium sized businesses, often taking on the role of finance director at a fraction of the cost associated with employing a full-time member of staff. The Virtual Finance Director product offers clients two or three days a month on management accounts and budgets. Regular meetings allow an exchange of information and feedback.

Services and results

Jupps have attracted many clients from the freight forwarding business in the Heathrow and Gatwick areas. Their two offices, in Borehamwood, North London, and in Worthing are ideally situated to cover businesses working in and around both airports.

Another niche specialism for the accountancy firm is restaurants and bars where gross profit margins are critical; get them wrong and the business can go down very quickly.

Managing director Nigel Jupp said: “The Virtual Finance Director product is very useful in this area allowing directors to stay on top of this with monthly management accounts.

Jupps prides itself on the accessibility offered to clients and its communications systems are vitally important.

These have been entrusted, since March 2004, to Gradwell, the leading provider of telephony and Internet solutions for small to medium businesses across the UK.

All the firm’s email are routed through Gradwell's email hosting service, who also provide web hosting for the Jupps website. In addition Jupps uses the Gradwell's VoIP service which enables contact with clients anywhere in the world, at any time, as if via a landline but in fact over the internet.

Mr Jupp, said: “The main benefit of using Gradwell, in particular, is the reliability. The business VoIP service is very reliable. It is like having a landline but I could be anywhere and the clients get the service, get the accessibility.

They can ring me at any time, which isn’t always the best time, Sunday evenings for instance, but I’m still accessible. That’s the thing my clients like. If they can’t get in touch with me I get a message and can ring them back straight away.

Mr Jupp went on to say that he had two landline-type numbers and clients could reach him using those numbers. He could also receive emails on his Blackberry while out and about.

He had previously used BT services but found them unreliable and expensive, so followed up a recommendation from an IT specialist working with one of his clients, and switched to Gradwell.

He was impressed by the reliability of information when things went wrong as they sometimes did. “The support is very good and the information you get about how quickly it’s going to take to resolve the issue is very good.

Mr Jupp said he would definitely recommend Gradwell to other companies like his own.