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Gradwell becomes central partner to IT services company

Case study key facts
Company name: Centric IT
Type of business: Managed IT services
They needed: Internet services to use in-house and provide to customers
Gradwell products: Hosted VoIP, VoIP Trunking, Email Hosting,
Domain HostingPartner Programme
Company website: www.centric-it.com
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Gradwell, the leading provider of telephony and Internet solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, is described by one of its preferred partners as “trend-setting and steering the way the industry is growing”.

Centric IT offers a multitude of bespoke services to customers ranging from one-man bands to those with up to 50 employees, with the majority of those powered by Gradwell solutions.

Services and results

Centric director James Rossell liked Gradwell’s approach to business,sharing values and approaches, hence their relationship worked well.

Mr Rossell said: “We looked at the opportunity to be ‘white-labelled’ where you take services and brand them as your own and sell them on. We deliberately opted to be co-branded because we felt that having that ‘alongside’ relationship with Gradwell strengthens our sales and our offering rather than white-labelling it.

Flexible to a business' needs

He added: “I can confidently say to our customers when pitching something: ‘I’m sure there’s a way we can do that’ and I know if we go to Gradwell with that problem they will help follow up on that promise instead of saying: ‘That doesn’t suit with our offering, go away’, like other providers might.

VoIP is an emerging technology currently undergoing battles in the industry and I’ve cited Peter (Gradwell) as being out there backing Ofcom, trend setting and steering the industry in some respects and I think that is a strong selling point.”

As well as selling them to their customers, Centric IT actually use Gradwell services themselves. The geographically independent VoIP service means that office moves have been seamless and that staff can work from home at any time.

Mr Rossell said: “If you don’t use what you sell no-one can ever trust you.

Wide range of services

He continued: “We use all their hosting services to manage domain and email filtering for, not only ourselves, but also our customers. We use pretty much everything we sell from Gradwell.

VoIP services, either in hosted form or trunk service to onsite boxes, are the most popular services Centric IT provide, but when providing support services to customers they invariably took on the management of all hosting and email, which they put through their preferred partner, Gradwell.

Mr Rossell said: “We have a very good working relationship with Gradwell. They give a single point to manage all our customers’ needs and changes.”

Great support levels

When there’s a problem with the service, he says, Gradwell support had been very good, with service levels always honoured. As Gradwell grew and evolved there had been teething problems but they were handled well with significant investment in their platforms.

They haven’t become a victim of their success. They’ve been wary of that. They’ve done a lot of development. They’re running some of the biggest hosted VoIP platforms in use at the moment and they continue to do that quite well. I’m pretty pleased.” said Mr Rossell.