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Architecture firm builds business with Gradwell

Case study key facts
Company name: Architecture Verte
Type of business: Architecture Firm
They needed: To reduce telephony costs and increase flexibility
Gradwell products: Multi User VoIP
Company website: www.verte.co.uk
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Architecture Verte is a small architecture firm based in Wiltshire & Cornwall, specialising in self-build projects throughout the south of England, ranging from simple extensions to grand new- build houses. Gradwell provide Architecture Verte with a range of telephony services including their main telephone system, fax service, voicemail and an excellent system for routing calls. They’ve been working with Gradwell for the last three years, adding services as they were rolled out.

Services and results

  • Multi User VoIP
  • Ease of access to change telephony settings
  • Comprehensive support materials and customer services team
  • Ability to move existing number from BT minimised disruption
  • Room to expand system as business grows

Benjamin Richards, a Founding Director of Architecture Verte, says: “I think it’s the flexibility which is why we went with Gradwell, I can get access to absolutely everything through one Internet page, and I can access that webpage from anywhere in the world. Say, if I decide that I want all calls routed to a different number, I can just whip out my iPhone and go straight to the website and just change the number. Done. It’s as simple as that!

The simplicity is part of the reason that Architecture Verte were attracted to Gradwell, particularly the simplicity of controlling where calls are made from and routed to.

Dedicated customer care

Richards was particularly impressed by the way that Gradwell takes care of its customers. He liked the way that during the set up process, Gradwell provided great How To articles and were always available at the end of the phone, without the fuss of an automated support system or costly technical call outs.

Benjamin also revealed that he thought that customer service was a very strong element of Gradwell’s service, from the first phone call, he knew he’d found the company that would help Architecture Verte grow by providing a telephony service that’s second to none.

And Richards doesn’t hesitate to recommend Gradwell. He adds: “Any time the scenario pops up in a conversation, I recommend them, I wouldn’t hesitate at all”.