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Financial advisers connect remote workers with VoIP and broadband

Case study key facts
Company name: Arc Eden
Type of business: Independent financial advisers
They needed: Location independence, connecting up remote workers
Gradwell products: Multi User VoIP, Premier Broadband, Fax-to-Email
Company website: www.arceden.com
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Arc Eden is a firm of regulated independent financial advisors that believes in offering face to face, personalised advice and service to clients. Arc Eden provides clients with unbiased, independent advice on matters relating to tax planning, investment planning, retirement, mortgages and loans, Health and life insurance and many other services. The majority of customers are owners of small or medium sized businesses, company directors, generally people with fairly sizeable sums of money to invest.

Services and results

Arc Eden have been using Gradwell's services since 2006, when they moved out of a serviced office and bought their own premises. At this point, they needed to investigate VoIP and business broadband services. That lead them to seeking out Gradwell, the UK's leading provider of internet and telephony services to small to medium businesses. At present, Arc Eden get all their telephony and broadband services directly from Gradwell. They've done away with costly traditional landline-based telephone systems and moved entirely to Gradwell's VoIP system.

Arc Eden's Director, Geoff Adamson describes how Gradwell's services have become central to their business:

Essentially, communication with clients is at the heart of our business, as the work that we do revolves around talking to and advising customers. Although technology allows you to do that with email as well as the traditional meeting format, a lot of the day to day work that we do with clients is over the telephone and therefore the VoIP offer from Gradwell basically facilitates our day to day work.

One of the major benefits of using Gradwell's service is not just the reduction in cost, but also the fact that Arc Eden can use these services to stay in contact with their customers, wherever their advisers happen to be based at the time. If customers use the geographic telephone number, they may well picture Arc Eden employees sitting at their desks in Carlisle, but they could in fact just as easily be visiting clients in other parts of the country, overseas or working from home. Using Gradwell's services, Arc Eden can provide the same high level of service, wherever their advisers are in the country, yet without any disruption or added cost for their clients.

One of the big issues that businesses face is that as they grow, their costs increase too. They need to acquire bigger premises to accommodate staff and these costs can have serious effects on the business. The benefit of Arc Eden using Gradwell is that they haven’t had to increase costs disproportionately to their organisation size. They are able to add or reduce Gradwell’s services as they require them, meaning they can keep a close eye on their overheads, something which many growing businesses fail to do. By utilising Gradwell and other technologies to the maximum degree, Arc Eden believes it has reached the nirvana of being able to marry high end customer service with full ongoing advice, yet with a minimum number of administrative staff and without being tied to unnecessarily large or costly premises.

Geoff Adamson adds: “We wholeheartedly recommend Gradwell. We are happy to share our experiences with others, and have already recommended them to other people and businesses.”