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Alder Bridge logoSchool learns that VoIP is the answer with Gradwell

Case study key facts
Company name: Alder Bridge Steiner-Waldorf School
Type of business: Education
They needed: To reduce telephony costs and increase flexibility
Gradwell products: Multi User VoIP
Company website: www.alderbridge.w-berks.sch.uk
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Alder Bridge Steiner-Waldorf School is an independent primary school and kindergarten in Berkshire, providing education for children from three to 12 years. Using a combination of fixed line telephony and an out-of-date PBX system to communicate, Bursar, John Dawson knew there had to be a better way.

“Gradwell seemed to be more aimed at the business market rather than the home market like a lot of the other VoIP providers, they also offered the range of services that we were looking for.”
John Dawson, Bursar, Alder Bridge Steiner-Waldorf School

Services and results

  • Multi User VoIP
  • Delivers significant cost savings across the year
  • Improved communications without costly investment in infrastructure
  • Ability to move existing number from BT minimised disruption
  • Feature-rich – additional functionality makes managing calls and remote working easy

“We’ve saved on call charges and line rental, we’ve also got greater flexibility as I can answer the school phone from home if I need to provide emergency cover.”
John Dawson, Bursar, Alder Bridge Steiner-Waldorf School

Out with the old: With Alder Bridge Steiner-Waldorf School using a mix of telephony solutions, the school’s Bursar John Dawson decided it was time to consolidate, “We were using two fixed lines to make external calls and an ancient PBX system to make internal calls – it wasn’t possible to integrate the two.” John opted for VoIP and discovered Gradwell after a quick Internet search, “Gradwell offered the range of services and flexibility that we were looking for.”

In with the new: As soon as the VoIP equipment arrived, set up was, “Pretty quick,” says John. However, John took a cautious approach, choosing not to opt for the full solution straight away, “I did it one step at a time. We started out using Gradwell for the outgoing calls but used the BT line for incoming calls.” After a few months of building up confidence, John took the plunge, “I was satisfied with the service so we went for the full hosted VoIP and ported our number from BT, we’ve been using it for two years now – if VoIP didn’t work, we wouldn’t continue!”

Learning curve: When it comes to using the technology day to day, the school enjoys greater functionality and flexibility. There have also been times when John has tried to adapt the technology to meet the school’s needs further, as John explains, “I tried to get my VoIP at home to talk to Gradwell’s VoIP, I was having a few problems but Gradwell went the extra mile to put something in place so that it could all work how we wanted it to.”