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IT consultancy reduces client VoIP monthly cost by 66% with Gradwell.

Case study key facts:

Company name: Abussi
Type of business: IT Consultancy and Implementation
They needed:  An easily purchasable VoIP service
Gradwell products: Hosted VoIP, EFM and Fibre
Company website:  http://www.abussi.co.uk/
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Based right in the heart of Birmingham, Abussi is an official premier co-reseller of Gradwell solutions. With an annual turnover of £250,000, Abussi offers IT and telephony services including off-site back up, cloud services, hosted Exchange, UC-Lync, file storage and telecom services.
Abussi delivers solutions for a broad range of sectors - architects, accountants, insurance brokers and interior design companies, to name but a few.

Why Gradwell?

 “Gradwell was one of the first of its kind to offer easily purchasable VoIP services,” says Craig Sharp, Company Director at Abussi. “It was something we wanted to offer our clients, so we implemented a complete new VoIP system internally for our own use first.” Abussi has deployed Gradwell phone systems for its clients ever since. “We’ve only ever sold a competitive product once and that was because the client needed a more basic solution,” explained Sharp.

"Nine out of ten of our clients are better suited to Gradwell’s solutions. Though there is nothing inherently wrong with the more basic products, they only deliver 25% of the system functionality of Gradwell’s feature-rich solution,” he added.

Gradwell - solving client needs

Gradwell provides Abussi with the scope to offer a broader range of services and in addition “Gradwell has enabled us to up-sell, and make 35-40% of our clients more ‘sticky’,” commented Sharp. “Once we have proposed and installed VoIP we then set about suggesting other IT services and vice-versa.

The selection of services that Gradwell offers dovetails into our clients’ requirements perfectly – it works brilliantly well,”
he added.

Gradwell - value for money

“The functionality and cost of VoIP solutions from Gradwell enables us to show our clients that a flexible telephone system with clever features is easily affordable – it’s a no-brainer,” says Sharp.
A fully-hosted VoIP phone system reduced the long term comms costs for one Abussi client by 35% compared to an existing system they had.
“We have also been able to reduce one of our client’s VoIP monthly costs by 66%, and in another case we reduced monthly charges from £80 plus calls to £60 including calls,” stated Sharp.

The Future with Gradwell

In an ideal world Abussi would like to “convert 60-65% of its current clients over to VoIP,” remarked Sharp, “but some customers just either don’t like the idea of it and are resistant to VoIP or prefer (and can afford) traditional phone systems. Realistically, we have a 12-month objective to grow the business by 10-15% and a good proportion of that will hopefully be attributable to VoIP and Gradwell."

“We would also like to increase the EFM (Ethernet in the first mile) arm of our business with Gradwell. At a very competitive price-point, EFM sits comfortably between the high speed ADSL broadband offering and the more expensive fibre optic option – it’s perfect for our clients.”

“The future with Gradwell is looking very bright indeed,” concluded Sharp.

To find out more about working with Gradwell telephone 01225 800 900 or visit www.gradwell.com for information on our partner programme.

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